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We are currently able to accommodate small groups/families of up to 4 Yogis at Yogi families in different locations across Belgium: Antwerp (3), Namur (1), Ninove (2), Opwijk (3), Rochefort (4) or Schoten (4).

Information for Ukrainian citizens wishing to enter Belgian territory and/or stay here.

Entering to Belgium

  • In the Schengen area, you will be in legal situation for 90 days. If you so wish, you can obtain protection in the country where you are currently. 

Staying in Belgium beyond 90 days

You can apply for temporary protection.

Information for displaced people from Ukraine, seeking to apply for temporary protection in Belgium

Temporary protection

Temporary protection is an exceptional arrangement authorised by the Council of the European Union decision of 4 March 2022. 

Are you eligible for temporary protection ?

You are eligible for temporary protection if :

Situation 1 : you are a Ukrainian national and you were residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 ;

Situation 2 : you are not a Ukrainian national and you benefit from a protection (international or equivalent national) in Ukraine ;

Situation 3 : you are a family member of a person referred to in situation 1 or 2 (family members include : the spouse, the minor unmarried children and dependent relatives) ;

Situation 4 : you are not a Ukrainian national, you hold  a valid permanent residence permit issued in accordance with Ukrainian law and you are unable to return in safe and durable conditions to your country of origin.

Rights derived from the temporary protection in Belgium (to be confirmed):

  • Issue of a provisional residence permit on Belgian territory for a period of 3 months, expandable to 6 months if the situation in Ukraine does not allow for a safe return after 3 months ;
  • Payment of the asylum seeker’s allowance ;
  • Authorisation to engage in a professional activity, subject to holding a work permit ;
  • Health insurance and access to medical care ;
  • Schooling of minor children ;
  • Support in accessing housing.

How to apply for temporary protection ?

If your application is complete and admissible, you will be protected and issued with a temporary residence permit. With this attestation, the municipal administration of the place of residence issues to the person an A card valid until March 4, 2023.

How to reach the Registration Center?


Immigration Office | IBZ

Immigrate to Belgium – Obtain Belgian Residence Permit (