Words of gratitude and appreciation from Ukraine

Jai Shri Mataji!

Greetings from Ukraine!
Since February 24, all of us live in an absolutely new situation – in conditions of war testing all of us as human beings and yogis. And brothers and sisters from all over the world opened their hearts to respond it. Your love, prayers and all kind of support covered us with complete love. We bring to your attention the responses from some Ukrainian yogis, who in fact experienced that pure expression of love.

From Kherson city: “Many thanks to the Mother and all the Sahaja Family. I cry and rejoice that my present is so decorated with miracles. I bow to everyone and feel love and happiness. Greetings to all sisters and brothers!Peace to us and our Ukraine! Jai Sri Mataji!”

From Kyiv city:My DEAR brothers and sisters, I am very grateful to you for such great support! Jai Sri Mataji!May all the people of the Universe be as happy and joyful as I am now!”

From Nizhin town, Chernihiv region: “We are sincerely grateful to you for all our yogis for their financial help, finally we got everything, thanks to our Divine Mother! Please accept my wishes for good health, joy of the Spirit, peaceful sky, all the Divine blessings to you and all the Sahaja Yogis of Ukraine and the world. We love you all very much!”

From Chernihiv city: “I am very grateful to the yogis for their help! It’s so timely! in March, bombs fell nearby, several houses were destroyed on my street. My windows were blown out and the fence was damaged. Now I can fix everything, and it will become warm at home again for me, my two cats and the old dog. Please, come to visit me sometime after the war. Your sister Vira

From Cherkasy city: “Dear Sahaja Yogis,You are the kindred people!Let us express our sincere gratitude for your support, vibrational, moral and material, in this not easy time for our country.We felt your pure Love and Care for us as Sri Mataji actually taught.It is a great blessing to feel such support and to see how Sri Mataji’s Love works.Much love to you, joy of the Spirit and all the blessings of Sri Mataji!

From Zaporizhzhia city: “Thank you very much to all those who help, they are doing a great job. And it’s not about the money only, but about understanding that you are not alone and you are supported.
From Slavyansk city, Donetsk regionJai Sri Mataji! Sasha, received a transfer of UAH14 000. Thank you Mother, thank you Brothers and Sisters for Compassion and Love. Namaste! Hats off to all!

From Novovolynsk town, Lviv region: “It was such an unexpected and necessary support for them that we cried. Low bow to all those involved in this activity. We thank to Shri Mataji for care and love poured on us, her children.”

With love,Your brothers and sisters from Ukraine (Kherson city; Kyiv city and Bila Tserkva city, Kyiv region; Cherkasy city; Zaporizhzhia city; Kramatorsk city  and Slavyansk city, Dobropillia town, Donetsk region; Dnipro city, Nikopyl city and Kryvyy Rih city, Dnipropetrovsk region; Mykolaiv city and Ochakiv city, Mykolaiv region; Kharkiv city, Novovolynsk town, Lviv region; Sumy city; Cherkasy city; Chernihiv city and Nizhin town, Chernihiv region; Poltava city and Kremechuk city, Poltava region; Zhytomyr city and Irshank town, Zhytomyr region; etc)

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