Staying in Poland


If you have any questions please call/write

+48537408553 (Maya)

+48536943183 (Beata)

+48518799261 (Katya)

+48797005051 (Radoslaw)

Heading abroad please enable/activate the roaming option on Your phone, the Polish mobile networks offer 4 weeks access to phone services and internet data free of charge so You can communicate at every stage of the journey.


The easiest way to get to Poland is via Lviv. From Lviv, there are trains, coaches, mini-buses and cars driven by volunteers to the Polish border (also yogis in Lviv will help when possible). 

The available crossings are Smolnica-Krościenko, Sheginie-Medyka, Krakoviec-Korczowa, Hrushow-Budomierz, Rawa Ruska-Hrebenne

The fastest way to be processed on the border is to cross it as a pedestrian (on foot). 

On the other side in Poland, all forms of transport are available for free for Ukrainian citizens. From National Train Lines (PKP InterCity) to volunteers with cars. Many helpers in high viz vests will help You find the right transport, warm tent, or hot soup on-site if the waiting was long.


Unfortunatelly for the time being we don’t have an ashram in Poland, nevertheless, Polish Sahaja Yogis can offer temporary shelter and help find accommodation in the following cities: Kraków, Opole, Warszawa, Łódź, Tychy.

Please note that as of 09.03.22 already 1,33 mln refugees have crossed the border. It becomes increasingly difficult to find accommodation even though many Polish families have opened their homes to guests from Ukraine.
Many Sahaja Yogies from Western countries have opened their homes and are ready to assist in finding accommodation in their respective countries.


For the time being, you will NOT be able to exchange hryvnia to PLN. As far as possible try to keep your money in your personal bank account or take other currency (PLN, USD, EURO).

Useful Links



General information:

24/7 Info line for Ukrainian citizens in Warsaw: +48 505 700 701

Free legal support:

Free psychological help: +48 800 12 12 12

Transport: HERE

Education: HERE

Children e-books for free in Ukrainian language: HERE

Health: HERE

Free dentist appointments: HERE


Education – Lodz City Hall – UMŁ

Tychy (Near Katowice)